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since 1990 we plan & develop, social & corporate events,

involving marketing & communications scope

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  • We endeavour this job with passion, professionalism and hard work.

  • We believe no event is equal to another and yours is as special and unique as yourself. We are here to share your targets to ensure they are achievable and successful.

  • All events imply a critical path of important decisions . Our mission is to ensure that this path is easy and enjoyable.

If you are thinking about holding a meeting or social gathering, while taking care of all aspects

of marketing & communication, Punta del Este and Montevideo hold no secrets to us,

having discovered all there is to know about venues and locations.

We will happily point you in the right direction: vibe, overlooking the sea or embedded in a vineyard, let us surprise you !

Tocando la flauta transversal


Creativity in the generation of ideas:  we strive to imagine your party or meeting as a unique and unforgettable experience.

Straightforward honesty to protect the interests of our clients, within the frame of a reasonable and previously agreed-on budget.

 We deliver the best of our skills to turn what we imagined together into reality.

wedding planner punta del este

our job

We imagine, plan, organize and coordinate social and corporate meetings in Uruguay.

Building brand communication and marketing services are part of our experience. A lifetime of expertise as meeting planner, enable identification of the meeting's needs.

Our service focuses on making sure you enjoy the event, while we convey the added value of

on-site coordination.

Notas musicales


Achievement of the proposed goals, is warranted by our work and level of excellence. We make sure your ideas become ours.

Personal contact will grant us the opportunity of getting to know each other, listening attentively  and sharing your passion.

Carolina Brause

Carolina Brause  (Marketing & Communications)

20 years´ experience in Conrad Punta Del Este

steering Marketing & Entertainment Department.

Caring for planning, designing and developing

creative events, through the entire process.

2 years in Hyatt Hotels Corporation,

with an International Award for Marketing Leadership

highlight our career.

Leadership in Entertainment industry developing:

Artistic Content in Montevideo - such as: Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Bryan Adams, Disney on Ice, Cirque Du Soleil, Serrat-Sabina, Backstreet Boys (upcoming). In Punta del Este - such as: Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Tom Jones, and over 400 entertainers.


Motivational and trend-setting speakers:

Literary and cultural speakers suitable to public, seeking participation and involvement of audience.

wedding planner punta del este


Francisco Marques Lessa (Social & Corporate Events)

He started his career as disc-jockey when he was 15, and for over 20 years, the soundtrack of his music successfully enhanced an infinity of private parties and corporate events in Uruguay.

He led, directed and managed two of iconic discos spinning it off in Montevideo’s nightlife: Stones and La Base.

With the aim of delivering the advice and counsel requested from clients, he created and steered for 16 years, Punta del Este’s celebrated Lo De Tere Restaurant, acknowledged as a highlight for quality and service in Latin America’s most exclusive and demanding resort.

He developed a revered company in the organization of parties and events: Enjoy Punta del Este, catering to over 80,000 people yearly.

Since 2002, demand for his work from clientes from all over the world boosts, by his trademark display of the beauty Punta del Este has to offer.

For a long time, an experienced staff contribute in the achievement of a unique aim... exceeding your expectations!

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